Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why am I doing this?

So, here's my story!

There are a bunch of ideas behind the creation of this blog...

1. I was laid-off as Director of Sales & Marketing in March 2009. I was sick with agony over the lack of decision making by the inexperienced owners/management. My experience is in wholesale manufacturing within the gift/toy/tabletop industry (which, by the way, is just being hit in the chops with the current economy) and retail management.
2. I've got lots of ideas, good ideas! And, if I hear "let me take you to lunch so I can pick your brain" again, I'll just lose my mind on purpose! Ugh!
3. My mother is from Alabama, and my dad is a Yankee from Minnesota. However, I was born in raised in Colorado, and it is here at 5280 feet that I make my home. I lived in Atlanta for a couple of years and came realized that I am a true Southener. There are so many wonderful qualities about the South and Southeners, and sometimes, Westerners miss those traits!

So, here's my chance to write about great ideas for wholesale manufacturers, retailers, small business owners, friends, and friends yet to be made! I'll be posting great ideas soon! I'll have a bunch of categories, including floral design & entertaining (as my husband is an exec chef!), shopping and favorite stores, and bringing a bit of Southern hospitality to the internet! I hope you'll enjoy! These are ideas I just can't keep to myself!

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